Gurugram Police Cybersecurity summer internship — 2021

My Experience at GPCSSI2021

Hey! I am Amisha. I am proud Intern at GPCSSI2021. And today I am here to share my experience at Gurugram Police Cybersecurity summer Internship. So the first simple question is what is GPCSSI?

Gurugram Police Cybersecurity summer internship is well known and a very famous cybersecurity internship in the cyber security space. It has been conducting since 2013 by the Gurugram and haryana police. It is really a great opportunity for the cybersecurity enthusiasts. Rakshit tondon sir is the official director of this internship. Rakshit Tondon sir is the man behind the success of this internship. It has been conducting offline but from last two year due to this covid pandemic it is now conducting online.

Eligibility Criteria -

So, there is no specific criteria for it. Those students who are from law and technical background and passionate about cybersecurity and hacking can apply for it.

How to apply -

So, this is a summer one month internship and generally it is conducted in June-July. To apply for this you must follow the official twitter account of Gurugram and Haryana Police and Rakshit Sir. You can find Rakshit sir’s account on any social media platform with a verification badge. You will get update about the registration form from the official accounts. This a free of cost opportunity.

Generally, Around 250–400 students are selected for this internship every year from 2013 but in this online session of 2021 we 5k+ interns were selected by the department. We 5k+ interns got this opportunity because of CP Shri K. K. Rao sir.

This was me when I came to know that I am selected for the internship.
Email which I have received

What we have learnt -

That one month was full of knowledge. We have met many cybersecurity experts online. These are the some name Mr. Rakshit tondon, Mr. Oops, Mr. Amit Dubey, Mr. Anand prakash, Mr Deepak, Mr. Anupam Tiwari, Mr Liad herman(CEO of safeHouse), Mr Aditya Narang, Mr Amit Tiwari, Mr. Deep Shankar Yadav, Mr Prashant Mali and many more experts.

We have learnt a lot from experts. We have played a CTF(Capture The flag) challenge oraganised by Hackershala. We did some assignments. We have learnt about Cyber Law, cyber safety tips, cyber forensics, VAPT(Vulnerable Assesment Penetration Testing ), Cloud Security, Cryptocurrency Investigation, Social Media Crime. We have got theoretical as well as practical knowledge.

In the end I would like to thank whole GPCSSI team, cyber Cell Gurugram, Haryana police, Rakshit Tondon sir for giving us this opportunity. We are so lucky to become a part of this opportunity.

Here are some screenshots from our internship -

Inauguration Session with Aditya Sir, CP Rao Sir and Rakkshit Sir

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Student at Bnasthali Vidyapith, Cybersecurity enthusiast